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How traumatic brain injury affects children

Little boy showing where he hit his head with red spot on forehead

I have written about traumatic brain injury (TBI) before, but in this article I want to address how traumatic brain injury affects children. Traumatic brain injury is a dysfunction of the brain caused by an accident. It can be caused…
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How to prevent holiday décor injuries and fires

Outdoor Christmas display with lights, snowmen and Santa Claus

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching with visits with friends and relatives, wonderful aromas and joyful decorations. Each year memories are etched into every person, and I hope that all of this year’s memories will be only good ones. That’s…
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Keeping children safe on playgrounds

Two men checking out seesaw on playground

It may not be something you think about, but playgrounds can be danger zones. That’s why I want to point out a few of those dangers to keeping your child safe on the playground. More than 200,000 children ages 14…
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