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Disturbing report cites spike in deadly teen crashes


Federal regulators recently released a report revealing a 10 percent spike 2015 in teen driving fatalities. This is the first time in almost 10 years that deadly car crashes, with teen drivers at the wheel, has increased. Unfortunately, teens are…
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How to choose a safe vehicle for yourself and your family


You’ve decided it’s time, or maybe way past time, to purchase a new vehicle. The question is, with so many new models and so many new features being added all the time, how do you choose a safe vehicle for…
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How safely do you drive in work zones?


It sometimes makes me cringe when I’m approaching a work zone and see some driving behaviors that are really dangerous to those in other vehicles, and to the crews working on the site. Construction on Arkansas roads and highways is…
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Be a safer driver in 2017, please!


Arkansas State Police 2016 Fatal Crash Summary December 543 12/31/2016 WEST BROADWAY AVENUE 544 12/30/2016 INTERSTATE 40 WEST AT 235 MILE MARKER 541 12/29/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 11 339 12/28/2016 U.S 65S / U.S. 62E 537/538 12/27/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 367 540…
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A dirty car can be dangerous to your health


Do you have kids, pets, food debris and dried up drink spills in your car? If so, you might be driving with a full load of harmful bacteria. Learn how a dirty car can be dangerous to your health. The…
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5 things to discuss about cars with your new teen driver – Part II


 This is Part II of a two-part series about discussing important driving and car information with your new teen driver. In my Part I article, I focused on discussing with your teen drivers how to react to certain circumstances that…
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5 things to discuss about driving with your new teen driver – Part I


This is Part I of a two-part series about discussing important driving and car information with your new teen driver. Most of us worry about our teen drivers, especially when they’ve just got their driver’s license and don’t have that…
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Five top reasons police officers will pull you over


There are five major infractions that catch the attention of traffic police and why they may pull you over.  Knowing what they are could prevent you from getting a ticket and make you a safer driver, not to mention keeping…
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‘Tis the season to be careful and avoid shopping accidents


The holiday season can be a very emotional one for some people, from bringing back wonderful childhood memories, to missing terribly those special people in your lives who are now gone. During this time, the last thing you want to…
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Crash test shows children wearing winter jackets in car seats extremely dangerous

Two children in rear seat of car one in car seat with puffy jacket

An official automotive crash-test video in Michigan showed the unknown danger of buckling your kids into car seats when they are wearing bulky winter jackets.  It’s quite an eye opener. A video, aired last December on the “Today Show” showed…
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