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What is a medical lien and why it helps to have an attorney in a personal injury case?

Magnifying glass on a legal document

A medical lien is when a medical entity demands repayment for services rendered against any money you may receive from your personal injury case. A lien is a legal document signed by all parties involved and is frequently filed in…
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Study reports that playing with sports concussion doubles recovery time

Soccer player injured laying on the ground in soccer field with two players nearby

A new study published by in the Pediatrics journal reports that teen athletes who continue to play after suffering a concussion requires double the time to recover than if they had reported the injury immediately. In addition, returning to play…
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What happens when a passenger is injured in a motor vehicle crash

Passenger and driver bracing for an accident

I’ve written a lot of personal injury articles about what to do if you are ever injured in a motor vehicle accident, but I’ve never specifically addressed what happens when a passenger is injured in an accident. The big question…
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New study shows small SUVs failing front passenger safety test

Upper torso of vehicle test dummy

In a recent study conducted by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to see how well front-seat passengers are protected in specific small SUVs, the findings show more work is needed to ensure their safety in certain types of car…
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Older motorcyclists sustain more serious injuries

Older biker againsdt black backdrop wearing sunglasses, black leather jacket and white t shirt

Who woulda thunk? The number of people over 60 riding motorcycles is on the rise. In the past few years, the number of cyclists over 50 increased approximately from 1 in 10 to about 1 in 4. Unfortunately, along with…
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Senior citizens driver safety

Older man driving an RV

Driving helps keep older adults mobile and independent. As our elderly population continues to grow, it is very important that senior citizens understand the need for driver safety. Fortunately, there are steps that they can take to stay safer on…
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Does signing a waiver of liability at a gym mean you can’t make a personal injury claim?

Woman sitting on bench press at gym with hurt knee

Many of us join gyms and physical fitness centers as part of a healthy lifestyle choice. What happens, however, if you get injured at a gym and it was due to the negligence of the facility but you signed a…
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When to replace a car seat after a crash and a used car seat safety checklist

Sleeping baby in car seat

I recently wrote an article entitled, “Are you using the right car seat for your child?” The topic of safety and children’s car seats is very important, so in this article I will address when to replace a car seat…
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Are you using the right car seat for your child?

Little girl in front-facing car seat sticking out her tongue

NOTE: Once again I have been reminded how effective car seats are.  We are currently handling a motor vehicle case in which the driver was very badly injured. There was an infant in the back seat in a child car…
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Why it is very important not to settle a personal injury claim without legal advice

Doctor in OR bandaging man's leg post-surgery

I recently met with a fireman (let’s call him Jim) who was involved in an automobile accident, which wasn’t his fault, and he injured his knee. He saw his family doctor but she didn’t think it was going to a…
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