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Staged car accidents: Part 1

The word 'fraud' in old ink-stained wood type

Beware of staged car accidents! It’s bad enough being involved in a car accident. It’s made even worse when you can’t understand how it even happened! That’s the frequent response from someone who has been the victim of a staged…
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Please don’t call me if you get a paper cut

Bleeding from a cut finger isolated on white background

There are a lot of misconceptions about personal injury law. One is that a lawyer can get you money for just about any injury you’ve suffered. This is absolutely untrue. In order for a personal injury lawyer to be able…
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School bus and school zone safety kids page

School bus packed with cheery students on their way to school

The New York State’s Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee has a website page designed only for kids. I’ve borrowed heavily from it in the hopes that you will go over it with your children and help them understand how to stay…
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