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True or False: Arkansas Personal Injury Quiz

Stick drawing showing two divergent roads saying true or false

There are a lot of misconceptions many people may have about personal injury law in Arkansas, so I’ve devised a little “True or False” quiz to help dispel them. Here goes. I was in a car accident and received injuries…
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Gas explosions pose risk for Arkansans

Firemen fighting gas explosion

Arkansans use natural gas and propane (LP gas) in their homes and businesses for such purposes of heating, cooking (including barbeque propane), and other uses. Unfortunately, they have the potential to cause gas explosions in both the workplace and the…
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An explanation of “bad faith” insurance

Red pencil and insurance policy document wording

In a recent article, I wrote about Walmart  suing their own insurance company for “bad faith”, in connection with the accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan. Bad faith insurance is an important concept to understand when dealing with insurance companies, so…
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Food poisoning (foodborne illness) can range from minor discomfort to death

Picture of a man who is nauseated

Food poisoning (foodborne illness) can range from minor discomfort to death. If you’ve ever been a victim of even moderate food poisoning, you know it’s no picnic. The listeria bacteria found in contaminated Blue Bell ice cream in 2015 was…
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Burn injuries are one of the worst physical and mental traumas to endure

Blazing house on fire is an inferno

There’s probably a good reason why Hell is thought to be an inferno. Anyone who has suffered a burn injury will tell you that it is sheer hell to endure. For those who survive a burn accident, the pain is…
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Arkansas highway officials seeking $2.8 million in improvements to prevent wrong-way crashes

Two road signs, Wrong Way, and Do Not Enter

Between 2009 and 2013, there were 64 wrong-way crashes on the state’s freeway system in Arkansas. Thirteen of these accidents caused 20 people their lives, and another 25 resulted in serious injuries. These figures are cited in an analysis conducted…
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Airplane accidents: Not your everyday accident (thankfully)

Airplane skidding to a halt on grass

It’s rare, mercifully, but every so often there are airplane accidents. Given the nature of how catastrophic they can be, we have to remind ourselves that air travel is one of the safest ways to travel that exists. There are…
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How the “Rule of Seconds” could prevent an accident and perhaps save a life

Picture of truck who rear ended one car and crashed into another

The “Rule of Seconds” is used by commercial truck drivers to calculate a safe following distance. It’s a rule that you can apply when driving any vehicle, as well. It is a fact that big rig and bus accidents most…
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How do you contract lead poisoning and what are its effects?

Image of children word DEADLY tombstone RIP and grim reaper

With the recent terrible news about Flint, Michigan’s lead-contaminated drinking water, it is important to know, especially for parents, that you or your children can contract lead poisoning in ways, other than drinking this kind of polluted water. Children under…
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What type of compensation can you expect to receive in a personal injury settlement?

Injured older man on crutches with wife and attorney

In this article, I explain the types of compensation you can expect to receive in a personal injury settlement. You may not be entitled to each of them, as it depends upon the type of injury you received and its…
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