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First self-driving car fatality

Highway with driverless cars with human arms and hands sticking out the top of the

I have written a couple of articles about driverless cars and commercial trucks, and the fact that several U.S. cities are trying them out. The heralding of such vehicles has been highly anticipated by manufacturers and potential owners alike. Recently,…
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Understanding umbrella policies

Insurance protection concept with a black umbrella covering and protecting from a dark dangerous thunder rain storm with lightning and under is a peaceful safe summer landscape with green grass and a blue sky

Some people worry that they don’t have enough insurance coverage, so I thought I’d write about what umbrella policies are, to give you and understanding of what they do. Also called “Personal Umbrella Policies”, or “PUPs”, the coverage provides additional…
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What should you do if you witness a car accident?

Young woman witness telling police about a car accident

Witnessing a serious car accident is usually a very scary situation because it is so violent, and so sudden. Most people have not ever had this frightening experience, but should you ever witness one, it is important to know the…
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How to identify a drunk driver

A “Report Drunk Drivers Call 911” highway sign with a sunset sky

I was driving on the 4-lane highway from Hot Springs back to Little Rock one sunny afternoon, when suddenly the car in front of me went from the right lane to the left lane and hit a safety barricade in…
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New report lists safest vehicles for teen drivers

A teenage boy driving a gray SUV

The latest report listing the safest and most affordable vehicles for teen drivers is out. Compiled each year by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) their recommendations provide a measure of comfort to teens and parents, by providing a…
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