Tiger Woods’ arrest highlights dangers of driving on prescription meds

A woman sitting behind the wheel of a car taking medication from a prescription bottle

Although one can feel badly for Tiger Woods’ impaired driving arrest on Memorial Day, the incident highlights a very important issue – the dangers of driving while taking prescription medications. It can be as deadly as drunk driving, endangering everyone…
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Beware of children getting entangled in seat belt


There is a danger to kids in motor vehicles that is not widely discussed. It’s called seat belt entanglement and it can be deadly. Children who can reach a seat belt can be strangled by pulling it all the way…
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Cars are becoming safer, thanks to technology

Blue 2017-chevrolet-bolt-ev

Although many of us cringe at the number of people staring at the cellphones or other devices, instead of socially interacting, technology does have its good points. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently released their list of 2017…
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Older drivers present emotional and legal decisions for family


It’s well known that people are living longer than they used to, and that the baby boomers are one of the most active senior generations that has ever existed. I’m one of them. How do I feel about driving? I…
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Be a safer driver in 2017, please!


Arkansas State Police 2016 Fatal Crash Summary December 543 12/31/2016 WEST BROADWAY AVENUE 544 12/30/2016 INTERSTATE 40 WEST AT 235 MILE MARKER 541 12/29/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 11 339 12/28/2016 U.S 65S / U.S. 62E 537/538 12/27/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 367 540…
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Obese drivers face higher risk of death and injury in a motor vehicle accident


Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that nearly 36% of Americans 20 years of age and older are obese. While the medical community continues to be concerned about the health concerns related to the high…
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Why it is very important not to settle a personal injury claim without legal advice

Doctor in OR bandaging man's leg post-surgery

I recently met with a fireman (let’s call him Jim) who was involved in an automobile accident, which wasn’t his fault, and he injured his knee. He saw his family doctor but she didn’t think it was going to a…
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Personal injury accidents rising due to Pokémon Go craze

Man holding viewing screen of Pokémon Go game in traffic

The first time I heard about Pokémon Go, I knew it was setting up a scenario for disasters to occur. My reaction was, “Geez, another way people are going to get hurt or killed.” Unfortunately, I was right. There have…
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New report lists safest vehicles for teen drivers

A teenage boy driving a gray SUV

The latest report listing the safest and most affordable vehicles for teen drivers is out. Compiled each year by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) their recommendations provide a measure of comfort to teens and parents, by providing a…
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Are you liable for a trampoline accident in your own backyard?

Two boys playing while jumping on trampoline outdoors on spring day

If you own a backyard trampoline and someone is injured using it, you could be held liable. There are a few things to know to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit involving a trampoline accident on your property. How to…
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