Disturbing report cites spike in deadly teen crashes


Federal regulators recently released a report revealing a 10 percent spike 2015 in teen driving fatalities. This is the first time in almost 10 years that deadly car crashes, with teen drivers at the wheel, has increased. Unfortunately, teens are…
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How safely do you drive in work zones?


It sometimes makes me cringe when I’m approaching a work zone and see some driving behaviors that are really dangerous to those in other vehicles, and to the crews working on the site. Construction on Arkansas roads and highways is…
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The danger of cars that are too quiet


With the tremendous ecological advantages that come with hybrid and electric cards, a very serious danger exists – they are too quiet. These cars don’t have a combustion engine and when driven at low speeds don’t make very much noise….
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Keep your mind and car uncluttered for a safe ride


Do you or a passenger have trouble getting into your car because of all the empty water bottles, soda cans, general rubbish, newspapers, attaché case, mobile devices, laptop, clothes, golf clubs, or other paraphernalia strewn about? This is not your…
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New research finds most drivers indifferent to safety


A recent survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that an estimated 87% of drivers in one month’s time engaged in at least one risky driving behavior. Such behaviors include distracted and impaired driving, driving while sleepy, speeding,…
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