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Driving high (DUI)

Photo of blurry dashboard

Lots of people think that “driving under the influence” means that alcohol was involved; however, that isn’t true. Driving under the influence (DUI) can refer to alcohol and/or drugs. Unfortunately, millions of drivers in the U.S. do drive while being…
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The most common causes of head-on collisions and why they are so dangerous

Damage to red and blue car after head-on collission

One of the most potentially catastrophic kinds of motor vehicle accidents is a head-on collision, which can all too frequently result in fatalities. The reasons this type of car crash are so dangerous is because the force of the impact…
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Apple hit with class action suit to add lock-out system to prevent texting and driving

Photo of iPhone and Applie logo

A new and legally interesting class action lawsuit was filed against tech giant Apple recently in California. It alleges that Apple is putting profits before safety by not having already installed a lock-out system for people who are texting and…
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National Safety Council estimates 40,200 traffic fatalities in 2016, double those for 2014

Two cars damaged from head on collision

It was only recently that I wrote an article about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) report on the surge in traffic deaths for the first nine months of 2016. Now, a report from the National Safety Council has…
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Be a safer driver in 2017, please!


Arkansas State Police 2016 Fatal Crash Summary December 543 12/31/2016 WEST BROADWAY AVENUE 544 12/30/2016 INTERSTATE 40 WEST AT 235 MILE MARKER 541 12/29/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 11 339 12/28/2016 U.S 65S / U.S. 62E 537/538 12/27/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 367 540…
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How to safely drive in the rain


We can certainly all agree that we’ve had our share of rain recently, which makes me want to write about how to safely drive in the rain. Driving on a rainy day is more dangerous than driving on a snowy…
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New research finds most drivers indifferent to safety


A recent survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that an estimated 87% of drivers in one month’s time engaged in at least one risky driving behavior. Such behaviors include distracted and impaired driving, driving while sleepy, speeding,…
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What happens when a passenger is injured in a motor vehicle crash

Passenger and driver bracing for an accident

I’ve written a lot of personal injury articles about what to do if you are ever injured in a motor vehicle accident, but I’ve never specifically addressed what happens when a passenger is injured in an accident. The big question…
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Accident fatalities in Arkansas rise 11% in first half of 2016

Memorial flowers posted on lightpost on busy roadway

Accident fatalities in Arkansas rise 11% in first half of 2016 It is with dismay that I read a recent report on the state’s motor vehicle crash fatalities for the first six months of 2016. The stats show that the…
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Extra caution needed on the road with increase of driving accidents during summer

Joyful woman sitting on car window raising arms up to blue sky

Many people take to the road for a vacation during the summer months, so it probably should not be a surprise that there is an increase of driving accidents during this time. Travelers add to the normal traffic volume of…
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