Driving Under the Influence

July 4 is a day of celebrating so drive sober or get pulled over

Worried looking woman driving looking at sign of officer with words drive sober or get pulled over

Nobody likes to be a wet blanket but folks, July 4th is notorious for drunk-driving accidents. It’s a terrible thought to express, but some people going out to celebrate won’t be returning home. Those who have taken it upon themselves to…
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How to identify a drunk driver

A “Report Drunk Drivers Call 911” highway sign with a sunset sky

I was driving on the 4-lane highway from Hot Springs back to Little Rock one sunny afternoon, when suddenly the car in front of me went from the right lane to the left lane and hit a safety barricade in…
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Drunk Driving in Arkansas: BAC limits and jail time

Police administering sobriety test to drunk driver

In a recent article, I discussed Arkansas DWI and DUI penalties administered by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. In this article, I will discuss additional aspects of driving while intoxicated. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limits in Arkansas Different…
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Arkansas DWI and DUI penalties

Intoxicated driver behind the wheel blurry road

Before you decide to sit behind the wheel after you have had a few drinks or taken legal or illegal drugs that can affect your driving judgment, consider the penalties for such actions in Arkansas. Arkansas DWI and DUI penalties…
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Drinking and driving during the holiday season


The holiday season is here and so are the opportunities to drive drunk after an office party or a friends’ gathering. So much has been said of the dangers of drinking and driving, yet it persists as a danger to…
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Expect increased law enforcement presence for DUI drivers during Fourth of July weekend

Drunk driver driving a car on the 4th of July

During the Fourth of July weekend, you can expect increased law enforcement presence throughout Little Rock and Arkansas. According to the Arkansas State Police, there will be a crackdown on drunk driving involving state, city and county law enforcement officers….
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