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How to choose a safe vehicle for yourself and your family


You’ve decided it’s time, or maybe way past time, to purchase a new vehicle. The question is, with so many new models and so many new features being added all the time, how do you choose a safe vehicle for…
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How safely do you drive in work zones?


It sometimes makes me cringe when I’m approaching a work zone and see some driving behaviors that are really dangerous to those in other vehicles, and to the crews working on the site. Construction on Arkansas roads and highways is…
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A dirty car can be dangerous to your health


Do you have kids, pets, food debris and dried up drink spills in your car? If so, you might be driving with a full load of harmful bacteria. Learn how a dirty car can be dangerous to your health. The…
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Tips on avoiding potential motor vehicle crashes – Part II


This article is Part II of a 2-part series on how to survive a potential motor vehicle crash. Potential Accident #6: Tire Blowout Tire blowouts are a frequent occurrence on the roadway, so knowing what to do in the case…
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Tips on avoiding potential motor vehicle crashes – Part 1

Helmeted motorcyclist on busy highway

I think it’s unfortunate that driver’s ed is not a required course for all new drivers. In my opinion, it’s too easy to get a driver’s license, without learning accident-avoidance skills. Learning how to parallel park and learning the laws…
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Keep your mind and car uncluttered for a safe ride


Do you or a passenger have trouble getting into your car because of all the empty water bottles, soda cans, general rubbish, newspapers, attaché case, mobile devices, laptop, clothes, golf clubs, or other paraphernalia strewn about? This is not your…
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How to safely drive in the rain


We can certainly all agree that we’ve had our share of rain recently, which makes me want to write about how to safely drive in the rain. Driving on a rainy day is more dangerous than driving on a snowy…
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Do you know what the most dangerous driving maneuver is?


If you had to guess, would you know what the most dangerous driving maneuver would be? The answer is “backing up”. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 25 percent of all car accidents occur when a driver is backing…
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Knowing braking times can help you stop in time


One of the main reasons accidents occur is that drivers underestimate how long it takes to stop their vehicle. People who follow too closely are the ones who know the least about braking time. Hopefully, this article will help all…
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