Bicycle Accidents

Mountain home bicyclist killed by driver: how can we prevent Arkansas bicycle fatalities?

Bicycle accident as seen through rear view mirror

Recently, a 25-year-old Mountain Home woman, Deniese McFall, was killed when she was struck by an SUV while bicycling on Arkansas State Highway 5 North. A second bicyclist, 21-year-old Andrew Strevels, also of Mountain Home, was injured as a result…
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What to do to if you suffer a personal injury while riding a bicycle

Upset Male Driver After Collision With Bicycle On Road

Bicycles on the roads in Little Rock and the rest of Arkansas are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, this popularity gives rise to more incidences of bicycle accidents. In this article, I will explain what to do in case…
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The 5 top reasons for bicycle accidents

Dangerous city traffic situation with a cyclist and cars in motion blur

With the increasing popularity of bicycles on Arkansas roads, I’ve researched what causes most bicycle accidents, in an attempt to see how they can be avoided. By far, most bike accidents occur as a result of a driver’s inattention or…
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Who is liable when a cyclist gets “doored” by a car?

Open car door, crashed bicycle and helmet on road

Even though the city of Little Rock is trying to improve the situation, we all know that bicycling in Little Rock is not the safest mode of transportation. In addition to the lack of bicycle lanes and the inattention of…
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