Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney

Chiropractors: The Good, the Bad and the Very Bad

Squid trying to get chiropractic care

You are in an auto accident. Someone comes to your door. He tells you that he knows that you’ve been in an accident and he’d like to provide free chiropractic care. Maybe he describes himself as an “injury consultant” or…
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Understanding the Basics of Personal Injury Law and Personal Injury Cases

Does your injury constitute a personal injury case?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, having an understanding of the basics of personal injury law and personal injury cases can be very helpful. Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes it is your own fault, and sometimes it is…
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Dog bites and Arkansas law

Little Rock personal injury attorney

You’ve certainly read or heard about someone being bitten by a dog because the owner let it run around unleashed, or it got out of the owner’s yard, or the dog attacked someone on the owner’s premises. The range of…
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