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Good news for overall road safety with new 2017 trucker regulations

Photo of tandem trailer on road

Good news is, well, good news. The good news for 2017 is that with new trucking regulations, the safety and security of federal highway users will improve. The new regulations promise a combination of administrative and road safety progress. New…
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Tips on finding a good tractor-trailer accident attorney

Wreck with tractor-trailer and two cars

Despite all the regulations governing the commercial trucking industry, it is an unfortunate reality that over 4000 people are killed in tractor-trailer accidents every year. That amounts to approximately 1 in 10 people killed on the road because of big…
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Arkansas Highway Police truck inspection results disturbing

Arkansas Highway Police Truck Inspection Station

In a previous article I recently published, I spoke about the testing of truck drivers for drugs and alcohol, stating that most truck drivers are well-trained and most trucking companies follow all the regulations and laws. Soon after I wrote…
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Testing truckers for drugs and alcohol

Alcohol, pills and car keys isolated on black background

As an attorney with a special interest in trucking accidents in Arkansas, I represent people who have been injured in a big rig crashes due to the truck driver’s negligence. However, most truck drivers are well-trained, and the companies they…
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Truck accidents involving hazardous materials

Hazmat team working chemical spill after a trucking accident

Because of the weight and size of big rigs, motor vehicle accidents are likely to be much more serious when a truck is involved. When truck accidents involving hazardous materials occur, the potential damage may involve other vehicles on the…
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New self-driving Freightliner Inspiration Truck licensed to drive on highways

Freightliner autonomous truck on highway

Earlier this year, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) introduced its Freightliner Inspiration Truck, the first licensed self-driving commercial truck to operate on limited U.S. public highways. Equipped with special sensors and computer hardware, the truck is fully certified to meet…
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