Pedestrian Accident Articles

Recent study highlights Little Rock and NLR pedestrian dangers

Despairing female driver on cell phone with injured man on street after pedestrian accident

No too long ago, I wrote an article on Pedestrian Safety Tips. Soon afterwards, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette published an article about a Metroplan study highlighting areas of risk for pedestrians in Little Rock and North Little Rock. Metroplan is…
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Pedestrian safety tips

Mother and son waiting to cross road at a crosswalk

A while back, I wrote an article on liability in a pedestrian accident, but in this article I’d like to focus more on pedestrian safety tips. In 2013, there were 45 fatal pedestrian accidents in Arkansas, certainly not as many…
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Do you know who is at fault in a pedestrian accident?

Pedestrian "walk" sign

Do you know who is at fault in a pedestrian accident? Oftentimes, people believe a pedestrian accident is always the fault of the driver of the motor vehicle; however, that is not true. There are laws that pedestrians are to…
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