School Bus Accidents

Children at risk when vehicles don’t stop for school buses

A boy and a girl crossing a street after getting off a school bus

You would think it was common knowledge that you are supposed to stop for a stopped school bus. It’s the law. However, many people don’t know, or choose to ignore the law. I was flabbergasted, when last year the driver…
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3 Ashdown students injured when pickup truck hits school bus

School bus stopped with flashing stop sign with car stopped behind

In a recent news article in the Arkansas Democrat, a story reported that three Ashdown, AR students were injured when a pickup truck rear-ended their stopped school bus, as one of the children was boarding. At the time of writing…
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What causes school bus accidents and what should you do if your child is involved in one

Children boarding a school bus

You never want to think about sending your child off to school and later hear that the bus had an accident. To ease your concern, school buses are considered one of the safest modes of transportation because of the way…
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