Seat belt Articles

People are listening: seat belt use highest ever!


In a year that has certainly been a mind-blower, 2016 did have some really good news. People have listened and gotten into the habit of using their seat belts! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, seat…
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Why back-seat passengers should wear rear seat belts

Back passenger car seats with seat belts

There is a myth among many that being a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle is safer than being a passenger in the front passenger seat(s). As a result, many people do not wear their seat belts when…
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Do you have a valid personal injury claim if you weren’t wearing a seat belt?

Unlocked car seat belt

What happens when you’re injured in a car accident and, although it wasn’t your fault, you were not wearing a seat belt? Can you still make a personal injury claim against the other driver? The short answer is, “yes”. In…
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