Proper maintenance of motorcycles can prevent personal injury accidents

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Motorcycles are not just for Hell’s Angels. Plenty of everyday folks ride them for their fuel economy, for fun, to get around town, or to go on a long trip. Just as motorcycle riding safety is emphasized, it is also important for owners to understand that properly maintained bikes can prevent personal injury accidents as well.

What can cause a motorcycle to malfunction?

Although motorcycle riders may experience the same types of malfunctions as cars, such as flat tires, running out of gas and dead batteries, there are some problems that are unique to motorcycles.

  • A bike’s exposed mechanisms accumulate a lot of dirt, sand, dust and other debris when riding on the road. This can cause corrosion causing the motorcycle to run poorly or break down.
  • If you don’t lubricate your chain, you could be looking at a terribly dangerous situation for yourself and/or others. An unlubricated chain can cause the chain to snap or lock unexpectedly. This can result in major engine damage. If you are on a busy road or highway, you could be involved in a serious accident.
  • Regularly replacing a fuel hose could cause fuel to leak from the gas tank and cause the whole fuel system to break down. This could result in a sudden accident accompanied by fire because of the exposed fuel.

Important motorcycle maintenance tips

Here are some basic, but very important maintenance tips you should follow to keep your motorcycle up to snuff.

  • Comprehensive annual inspections of the body, engine and tires. If you ride your bike a lot, you may have to do this more than once a year.
  • Brake pad maintenance
  • Scheduled oil changes
  • Liquid coolant monitoring
  • Regular “Fork oil” changes (which helps motorcycles absorb road irregularities)

Just as a motor vehicle requires responsible maintenance, so does a motorcycle. If you keep your bike in tip top shape, you can relax, enjoy the wind in your hair (although please wear a helmet – so enjoy the wind in your face), and feel confident that you are riding on a safe bike.

Stay safe out there, please.

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