Lower your premiums with discounts from your auto insurance company

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This article will address ways that you may be able to lower your premiums with discounts from your automobile insurance company. With a bit of research and discussing it with your car insurance agent, you may be able to walk away with a little more money in your pocket.

Possible ways to lower your car insurance premiums

Here are a few ways you might be able to lower your car insurance premiums

  • Car theft deterrent devices: Some insurance companies will reduce your premiums if you have safety devices to thwart car thieves. Some come with the car, like door alarms, and some you can pay extra to have installed. Car theft deterrent devices include steering wheel locks, hood locks, tire locks, electronic immobilizers, kill switches and electronic tracking systems.
  • Multiple car discounts: Many car insurance companies will give you a discount if you own multiple cars, as long as everyone who in insured on your policy has a good driving record.
  • Purchase yearly renewable auto insurance: You usually have the option of paying your auto insurance premium monthly, quarterly, every six months, or annually. Many insurance companies will discount your payments if you pay annually or every six months.
  • Storage coverage: If you plan on not driving your car for a while and storing it, there is a provision you can ask for called “comprehensive storage coverage”. This provision excludes liability coverage, since you won’t be driving the car, but will cover non-collision damages to your vehicle, including theft, vandalism, fire, or damage by other natural causes.
  • Mileage: The more you drive the higher your car insurance premiums will be. Consider combining trips and avoiding unnecessary driving. You’ll see that your rates will likely be lowered.
  • Organization membership: If you are a member of an automobile club, like AAA, or joined some other organization that provides car services (such as credit unions, certain credit cards, etc.) you may be eligible for a discounted automobile policy.
  • Defensive driving course: Many automobile insurers will discount your policy if you are an older driver and take a defensive driving course. Others, who have a less than perfect driving record, may also take these courses and be eligible for a car insurance discount. You always want to be sure that the course you take is one of your insurer’s accredited driving courses.

To find out whether you are eligible to receive any or all of the above-cited car insurance discounts, simply call your agent or your insurance company and they should be able to answer all of your questions.

I hope you found these tips on how to avail yourself of possible discounts on your automobile insurance premiums helpful.

Please, remember to be safe out there!

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