Receiving the right amount of medical treatment in a personal injury case

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Sometimes defendant insurance companies say that the medical treatment a victim receives as a result of a personal injury accident is either too much or too little. Sometimes defendant insurance companies are very hard to please. If they say you’ve received too much medical treatment, they may refuse to pay for all your medical bills. If they say you’ve received too little medical treatment, they may claim you weren’t really all that hurt.

How much or how little medical treatment you receive as a result of a personal injury accident matters a great deal when trying to settle a personal injury claim, as it forms the basis of how much compensation you receive. However, most importantly, it is all about communicating effectively with your physician to ensure you get the medical care you need.

How to ensure you receive the right amount of medical care

To successfully avoid the defendant insurer’s claim that you have treated too much or too little, I strongly recommend you following these suggestions.

  • Always seek medical attention if you are in pain, have unresolved symptoms, or start having new symptoms following an accident. If you don’t go to a doctor for these reasons, you may not get the just compensation you deserve when it comes time to settle. You never want to under-treat.
  • Always be compliant with your doctor’s orders. If he or she sends you to physical therapy three times a week, go three times a week. If home exercise is ordered, make sure you do it. You don’t want the insurance company ammunition to say you were non-compliant. That will hurt your case.
  • Always discuss with your doctor when you are feeling better, or when parts of your injuries are recovering. If you continue to treat when you no longer need to, then you may have a hard time getting all of your medical bills paid. You never want to over-treat.
  • Always gets a release from your doctor when you are finished treating. This will serve as evidence to the insurance company that you were compliant, and that you reached maximum medical improvement.
  • If you were permanently disabled as a result of an accident, you will want to get an impairment rating from the specialist(s) who was treating you.
  • If you need future medical care, your treating physician(s) needs to write up an estimate of what treatment you will need, the costs, and for how long.

Receiving the right amount of medical care is essential to your healing process. You were a victim of someone’s carelessness and negligence so it is also important that you get the medical treatment you need and be able to settle for a fair and reasonable amount.

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