Do you know how to operate a U-Haul or Budget trailer or truck?

GMC U-Haul truck left side

If you are moving, you may want to opt for a rental company like U-Haul or Budget to move yourself, instead of having to pay a hefty fee for professional moving services. Millions have done it. It’s efficient and a great cost-effective way to move. However, there are inherent dangers in driving a car with a trailer attached or driving a large truck. If you don’t have the experience or knowledge, you could be headed for trouble.

Unfortunately, the majority of those who rent trailers or trucks do not know how to safely load or operate such rentals. As a result, accidents do occur, especially if the driver is not informed of the potential dangers involved or of specific driving safety tips. A rental company should always apply due diligence in providing proper safety instructors to renters.

The dangers of towing a trailer or driving a moving van truck

When renting from a moving company, they should prepare drivers for the difficulties and challenge of driving a vehicle with a trailer attached or to driving a big truck. Accidents involving rental companies usually involve one or more of the following factors:

  • Defective moving trailers
  • Poorly maintained trucks
  • Faulty brakes or no brake functionality at all
  • Neglecting to vet a renter to determine if the driver is capable of driving a truck or a vehicle with a trailer on the back
  • Neglecting to undergo inspections of trailers or trucks for long periods of time
  • Giving insufficient information regarding safe trailer weight as well as loading practices
  • Some companies allow renters to use an SUV to tow a trailer, which is extremely unsafe.

When renters are ill-informed of proper loading practices, how weights can shift, and all other aspects involved, they are placed in serious danger of sustaining catastrophic injuries and damages.

If you are intending to rent a trailer or truck, check out the company’s website. Many of the companies have driving and parking tips, plus additional safety information about how to pack and load. In addition, when choosing a moving rental company, make sure to investigate the rental company for their safety record.

When you move, make sure you put knowledge and safety first so that your moving experience will be less stressful, more exciting, and perhaps even adventurous.

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