Homegrown Arkansas state trooper a real hero

Cpl. Roy Moomey receiving Trooper of the Year Award for 2016 from Arkansas officials

It’s not every day you get to decide whether to put your life in danger to save another. Some say it is an instinct; others say it can be a conscious choice. Whatever the source of this ultimate selflessness, Arkansas state trooper Cpl. Roy Moomey, 42, of Van Buren put his life on the line on August 8, 2016 hoping to save a life.

As a result of his heroism, Moomey was recently honored as Trooper of the Year for 2016 and was also given the department’s Lifesaving Award and Gold Shield.

Moomey was responding to a call about a speeding vehicle in the east lane driving the wrong way going westbound on I-40. Moomey drove his patrol car into the lane of the oncoming car and deliberately crashed into the vehicle head-on. By almost sacrificing his life, he prevented two vehicles and their occupants from being hit by the wrong-way driver.

Although Moomey doesn’t remember the crash, he did watch his dash-camera video recording of the incident. According to a state police news release, Moomey said, “I had my lights and siren on. I was trying to get them over because I knew that car [the wrong-way car] was coming. I had my directional on to tell them to pull over to the right. Then I saw the headlights. From that, I woke up in my car.”

The driver of the wrong-way car, Matthew C. Choate, 24, of Fort Smith, Arkansas was killed in the collision. Moomey was left with life-threatening injuries with broken ribs, broken bones in both feet, his wrist and right leg. Both lungs collapsed but thanks to emergency personnel who arrived at the scene, he was soon breathing normally again. After weeks of hospitalization and numerous operations, Moomey was discharged.

Now with a recovery that Moomey says is going well and no longer in a wheelchair, he hopes to soon be running again, with a goal of returning to work in August. He is grateful to be alive and to enjoy his children, wife and extended family.

The self-deprecating officer said he was only doing his job. “You get that call, and you don’t know what’s coming. You never do. That’s where I stop with the hero talk. I say, ‘Hey every one of these guys answers calls like this every day.’ These guys, they’re heroes every day.”

Formerly from Maumelle, Moomey graduated from Catholic High School in Little Rock and from the University of Mississippi with a BA degree in Business. His father was a Little Rock police detective.

This is not Moomey’s first brush with heroism. According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Moomey received a Lifesaving Award from the state police in March 2016 for pulling a man from a burning pickup truck on January 2, 2015.

As a fellow Arkansas and a citizen, I wish to thank and congratulate Cpl. Roy Moomey. Thank you for your service. You are an amazing example of dedication and courage.

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Source: Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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