9 tips to becoming a more courteous driver

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A study from the Drive Human campaign, a courteous driving awareness crusade launched for the summer of 2017, shows Arkansas, regrettably, at the bottom of the list. It came in 48th with a driving score of “F”. That’s really unfortunate. We may feel redeemed somewhat by knowing that New York was 50th and shown to be the rudest state, but what does this terrible Arkansas score say about us?

The Drive Human campaign was created to promote better driving habits in the U.S. The results were based on individual online surveys through AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) with 50 licensed drivers in each state for a total of 2500 respondents, aged 18 and older, and conducted from March to April 2017.

Questions asked in the Drive Human survey

Below are the questions asked in the Drive Human survey.

  1. Which states have the most courteous drivers?
  2. How aggressively do you respond to slow driving?
  3. Do you let a car merge in front of you in heavy traffic?
  4. Do you respond rudely when being tailgated?
  5. Do you use your turning signals?
  6. Would you steal someone’s parking spot?
  7. Would you speed up to stop someone from passing you?
  8. What region is the most courteous? (West)
  9. What age group is the most courteous ( 51-64)
  10. What gender is the most courteous? (Female: was that even necessary to ask?)

How to become a more courteous driver

Being a courteous driver is not just about being nice. It’s also about driving safely and preventing road rage in ourselves and in others.

Here are a few tips on how to become a more courteous driver.

  1. Do not drive in the passing lane on a multi-lane road, highway or freeway. The left lane is the passing lane.
  2. Never use cruise control when passing a vehicle. When you do pass another car, do so quickly and safely making sure to leave enough room between you and the car you just passed, if returning back to the same lane.
  3. Turn off your high beams when you see oncoming traffic. Although a helpful feature when driving at night, these bright lights can also blind drivers traveling in the opposite direction or a driver ahead of you.
  4. Do not tailgate. Tailgating greatly reduces your reaction time and increases the likelihood of a collision upon sudden stops.
  5. Do not stop at the end of on-ramps; merge with the flow of traffic.
  6. Always use your turn signal before changing lanes.
  7. Do not drive distractedly. Texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, applying makeup or reaching for items in the backseat all distract you while driving.  Remember, it is illegal to text and drive in Arkansas.
  8. If you are in an accident, and if you’re not seriously injured and the damage to your vehicle is minor, move your vehicle to the side of the road. Then contact the police and insurance company, as well as exchange car insurance policy information with the other driver.
  9. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How a lot of people react in their car is astonishingly different than how they behave face-to-face. Studies show that other drivers become objects and not people. This needs to change.

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