Knowing how to drive in the fog can save your life

Cars driving on highway in fog

Perhaps one of the scariest road conditions is driving in the fog. It can be truly dangerous. Because some motorists really do not know how to drive in foggy conditions, I thought it would be important to discuss it. Knowing how to drive in the fog could save your life.

Tips on how to drive in the fog

Knowing how to drive in foggy conditions isn’t rocket science, but there is a science to it. Here are some important tips on how to drive in the fog.

  • Reduce your speed: If it’s pouring rain, you know you need to slow down no matter what the speed limit is. The same is true for snow and ice, and the same is true for fog. Because it is so difficult to see the road ahead of you when driving in foggy conditions, you must reduce your speed. It’s important that you rely on your speedometer and not physical signposts along the roadway, as fog masks the sensation of speed normally illustrated by physical markers.
  • Use your low-beam lights: It may not seem intuitive, but low beams are much better for driving in fog than high beams. In fact, driving with your high beams on is actually very dangerous as the light reflects off the fog making it even harder to see.
  • Use the right side pavement line as a guide to where you are on the road: The right side pavement line is a lifesaver when it comes to trying to figure out where you are on the road. It gives you a good solid indication of where you are. Don’t use the middle of the road pavement line as you run the risk of drifting too close to cars in the next lane or to oncoming traffic.
  • Do not ever stop on the roadway: Never stop on the road when driving in fog. It’s a good way to get hit by another car. If you need to stop, slowly drive to get off the road as far away from the road as possible. Although this sounds counter-intuitive, turn off your lights, if you must stop on the shoulder. If your lights are on, it will be very disorienting to the drivers coming up on you. They will think you are in motion and may drive right behind you.
  • Get off the road and wait for fog to clear: Sometimes the road is so foggy you can hardly see a foot in front of you. This is a highly anxious driving condition. If conditions are this terrible, get off the road, pull into a safe place and wait until the fog clears.

The most important way to keep yourself and others safe on the road when driving in foggy conditions is to take your time. Even if it means slowing down to a crawl, which fog sometimes does necessitate, you will get where you are going safely.

Please, let’s be safe out there!

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