Why passengers should never put their feet on the dashboard

Photo of feet of passenger up on the dashboard of a moving car

I was riding in the backseat of my friends’ car and noticed that the passenger was riding with her feet on the dash. I asked her about it, and she said it helps her back and makes her more relaxed. I understood, but it made me cringe. Then I told her why passengers should never put their feet on the dashboard.

I explained the dangers and the resultant injuries I have seen in my personal injury law practice. Those who put their feet up on the dashboard don’t realize that if there was a car crash causing the airbag to deploy, it would do so in less than a second, with 100-220 miles per hour of force. If your feet are upon the dash, you could suffer terrible injury to your feet, legs, arms, face, shoulders and head.

If a car wreck occurs when feet are on the dashboard, terrible injuries can ensue

Earlier this year, an article was published about a young mother who constantly rode with her feet propped up on the dash, despite her husband’s warnings. One day, on the way to pick up their children, a vehicle T-boned their car. The airbags deployed, pushing the mother’s foot into her face. She suffered a broken ankle, femur, shoulder and also a broken nose when her foot shot up to her face.

Even with multiple surgeries, these injuries debilitated her to such an extent, that she can no longer work as an EMS, as she cannot lift patients anymore.

This was not a freak accident.

.In another incident, a young woman had her feet stretched out on the dashboard as she slept. The car she was riding in was hit by a tractor trailer. Upon deployment, the airbag threw her legs into the windshield. Her injuries were devastating, despite wearing a seat belt: a cracked eye socket and cheekbone, broken bones in her feet making it difficult to now walk, vision and hearing problems, and a brain bleed that left her with the mental capacity of a 13-year-old girl.

Given the speed of how fast an airbag deploys, you cannot react fast enough to put your feet down in time to avoid injury in a car crash

I apologize for describing these graphic injuries, but I want you to understand how terribly dangerous it is to ride with your feet on the dashboard. Wearing a seat belt won’t help prevent the above injuries from occurring. Airbags and seat belts are designed to keep you safer, but you have to be sitting in an upright position, with your feet on the floor, for them to do their job.

Please, heed the warning and stay safe out there.

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