What skin graft procedures available for motorcycle accident road rash

Road rash injury on shoulder

One of the most common personal injuries caused by a motorcycle accident is road rash. I’ve written before about the need for wearing proper clothing while biking, like leather jackets and other protective wear; however, road rash can occur even when you are properly attired.

Degrees of road rash injuries

Road rash is when the skin is abraded (or torn) by the pavement as the motorcyclist skids along the road. It can occur on any party of the body. Some road rash injuries are severe enough to require skin grafts.

Like burns, there are three degrees of road rash:

  • First-degree: when the first layer of skin is injured
  • Second-degree: when the road burn breaks through the epidermis and possibly the dermis but doesn’t penetrate to the muscle
  • Third-degree: When all layers are abraded and the injury affects the muscle and other soft tissue.

Skin graft procedures for road rash injuries

There are two types of surgical skin graft procedures for road rash injuries. Which one is necessary depends upon the severity of the burn – usually second-degree and third-degree injuries, when the wounds can’t be sewn or stapled together.

  • Split-level skin grafts: this procedure uses only skin used from the injured party’s donor site.
  • Full thickness skin grafts: this procedure requires epidermis, dermis, blood vessels and muscles from the injured party’s donor site.

Receiving compensation for third-party motorcycle accidents

If you are the victim of a road rash injury caused by another person’s carelessness, you may be eligible to receive monetary compensation for your losses. These losses can include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, some out-of-pocket expenses, and other damages.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, please give me a call to discuss your case. All consultations are free.

As a motorcyclist, please make sure you’re safe out there. Wear a helmet and protective clothing. Your well-being could depend on it.

Please share this post so that others can benefit from the information. Thank you and please be safe out there.

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