Top 5 personal injuries that occur can on Black Friday

Crowded Black Friday Sale at Store

One of the most anticipated annual shopping days is right around corner, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers offer sales and deep discounted items for everything from electronics to toys. In the search for bargains, come several common types of personal injuries. Who would have thought?

 Top 5 personal injuries that occur on Black Friday

Here are the top 5 Black Friday shopping accidents that occur every year.

1. Slip-and-Fall Injuries: During November, rain, wind, snow, ice and sleet are not unusual. As a result, slip-and-fall injuries occur more often, as crowds descend upon the sales. Store owners may not be able to keep up with keeping the aisles dry immediately, so take your time when going from aisle to aisle and pay attention to any signs erected warning you of wet floors.

2. Car Accidents: With the increased traffic Black Friday brings, comes an increase in car accidents, especially in parking lots. Drivers are looking to find a parking spot and may not be paying close enough attention to pedestrians or other cars in the lot. Be care, and be super aware of cars in the parking lot or parking garage, and never assume the driver can see you.

3. Shopping Cart Accidents: Shopping carts, oddly, are not always the safest or most stable type of baskets. If they are loaded incorrectly, or loaded too high, they can tip over. Protect yourself and your children and understand that the laws of physics apply to shopping carts.

4. Head Trauma Accidents: Frequently, heavy items are placed overhead. If you see a sign that says “Ask for Assistance”, you should ask. Do not try to reach for the heavy objects yourself, or you could risk a head trauma injury.

5.Stampede Accidents: Every year there are reports of stampedes in stores, especially in larger cities. Deaths have occurred from over-eager crowds stampeding to get their desired merchandise. Stay away from crowds that seem frustrated or are pushing or shoving forward.

Black Friday should be fun, so just be cautious about some of the inherent dangers so you can avoid them.

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

…and please, be safe out there!

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