Insights into truck accident statistics

Truck carrying hazardous materials on fire

As a Little Rock truck and car accident attorney, I’ve dealt with a lot of personal injury accidents involving big rigs. Truck accidents are serious business because they have the potential to cause so much harm. Sometimes they carry hazardous waste products, and sometimes their sheer weight, up to 80,000 pounds, can cause untold damage. Sadly, in 2013, big rig accidents were involved in over 3,000 fatalities.

All of us need consumer goods and other products delivered to markets. The trucking industry makes billions of dollars annually because of our needs, transporting nearly 70% of U.S. resources. The industry continues to grow; thus, cars and smaller trucks are at greater risk all the time with increasing numbers of big trucks on the roads.

Approximately 15.5 million trucks, 2 million of which are tractor-trailers, are driven on U.S. roads and highways

2013 truck accident statistics in the U.S.

By citing some important statistics for 2013 below, I hope I can help you understand truck accident trends so that when you are driving around big trucks and tractor-trailers, you will do so with utmost safety in mind.

  • There were approximately 338,000 accidents involving large trucks – 3,906 resulted in fatalities, 73,000 caused personal injuries, and 265,000 caused property damage.
  • The leading cause of large truck accidents was prescription drug use (26%), followed by speeding (23%), over-the-counter drugs (17%), fatigue (13%), alcohol (8%), and illegal drugs (3%).
  • Where and when fatal accidents involving large trucks occurred is also interesting – 64% occurred on rural roads, 5% occurred on interstate highways, 28% in work zones, and 84% occurred on weekdays.

Safety tips for driving around large trucks

I cannot impress upon you enough just how important it is to take precautions around trucks on the road, as the damage from an accident with a large truck can be incalculable. Never pass a truck on the right, never tailgate a truck, don’t driver in a trucker’s blind spot, don’t driver alongside a big rig (pass them or pull back), and always remember that if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you!

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