Four less frequent types of personal injury accidents

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Most of you know that you may be able to receive compensation, if you were injured on the road or at work. However, there are other types of personal injury accidents that occur less frequently, but nonetheless, may be worthy of a claim.

Four less frequent types of personal injury accidents

The following are four types of personal injury accidents for which injury compensation may be made.

  1. Maritime Accidents: Accidents occurring on boats are unusual, but they can happen. As a passenger, you have the right of safe passage, whether it’s on a huge ocean liner, or on a short ferry boat ride.

Accidents that occur most frequently have to do with wet surfaces and resultant slip and falls. You may think that sounds ridiculous, since you’re on the water, after all. However, there are certain surfaces that should not be wet, just as the floor of a supermarket should not be wet.

Other types of injuries reported deal with improperly secured lifeboats and other equipment aboard a cruise liner, and inadequate instruction to passengers, in case of an emergency.

  1. Sports Injuries: Personal injury claims have to show that the party causing the accident was at fault through negligence and carelessness. When you play baseball, or soccer, or tennis, you are doing so at your own risk. If you get injured during a play, like breaking an arm falling, you won’t have a claim.

However, if the sports facility failed to maintain safe venues and surfaces for the sport you play and you get injured as a result, you may have a claim. For example, if proper maintenance on the playing field or tennis court was lacking, you may have a claim.

  1. Vacation Accidents/Illness: All injuries are disheartening, but getting injured or sick while on a vacation is a real bummer. Types of accidents and illnesses that can occur are food poisoning, slip and falls on wet surfaces near pools that should have been dried, and injuries suffered on the road during a tour.

Other injuries that can occur while on vacation are those on amusement park rides, bicycles, ATVs, and water sports.

  1. Construction Site Pedestrian Accidents: It doesn’t happen often, but non-worker, pedestrian injuries at construction sites can occur. Pedestrians can be hit by falling debris, or fall due to improperly marked dangerous areas.

General contractors have a reasonable duty to warn the public of any dangerous construction areas or conditions, and to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Making an injury compensation claim

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Unfortunately, there are a myriad of ways to be injured in an accident that was not your fault, so please, be safe out there!

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