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Who is liable when a cyclist gets “doored” by a car?

Open car door, crashed bicycle and helmet on road

Even though the city of Little Rock is trying to improve the situation, we all know that bicycling in Little Rock is not the safest mode of transportation. In addition to the lack of bicycle lanes and the inattention of…
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The dangers of ATVs and how to avoid fatalities and injuries

ATV driver on mountaneous terrain

The dangers of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are well-documented, with headlines telling the unfortunate tale of ATV accidents and fatalities. One of the first ATV cases I had was one in which two teen agers were driving on log roads in…
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Keep this helpful car accident checklist in your glove compartment

Man taking photo of car damage

It’s very important to keep calm if you’re in a motor vehicle accident, which is difficult because it is so stressful. That’s why I thought keeping this car accident checklist in your glove compartment could help you stay focused, in…
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Distracted walking injuries and fatalities are increasing at an alarming rate

Man with headphones walking and texting

You’ve heard me rant about distracted drivers causing a myriad of fatalities and personal injury accidents, largely due to cell phone use. Now a recent report published by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) states that the decline in pedestrian…
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What to know about premises liability if you own property

It's important to understand why premises liability and premises liability insurance is so important.

If you own a home, a lot, a business, or land you can be held responsible if someone is hurt on your property, due to negligence. The potential for a negligent premise condition can exist in just about any type…
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What you should know about daycare facility negligence

Little girl playing with toys

When you drop off your child at daycare, you have every reason to feel confident that your child will be in good hands. Sometimes, however, a child does get hurt, even at the best of daycare centers. These injuries can…
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What are soft tissue injuries and how are they treated?

Medical Diagram of cervical spine

Any injury to a soft part of the body, such as tendons, muscles, and ligaments, are considered a soft tissue injury. In my personal injury law practice, soft tissue injuries make up the bulk of our cases because it is…
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Kentucky Judge’s humorous down-home Order livens up the bench

Judge looking annoyed

I don’t think that anyone would argue that there are times when the law can be pretty darn dry. Legal documents are some of the driest examples, where numbered statutes are cited and a jumble of legalese is used to…
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A dubious distinction: AR road fatalities above national average for 2015

Wrecked truck

Every day when I read the paper, I see another story about people dying in motor vehicle accidents in Arkansas. It keeps surprising me. It seems more than the usual numbers. Unfortunately, my concerns were confirmed in a recent Democrat-Gazette…
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8 safety tips to keep your kids safe on their way to school and back

Group of children in school hallway

You hear a lot of stories about things happening to kids going to school. However, there is no reason to worry about your kids getting to and from school safely, if you follow these eight tips. 1. Teach your children…
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