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Cell phone, and texting and driving laws of Arkansas

Man texting and driving with sign saying prepare to meet Jesus

I recently read a post on Facebook from one of my friends who said he was seeing more and more drivers texting and that he wished there was a law forbidding it. I responded that Arkansas does indeed have laws…
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Twenty over-the-top warning labels

Warning label for cell phone battery booster

In today’s litigious society, companies want to be certain they cover all bases when they put products on the market. Many of the labels are misworded, over-the-top, misguided, or ridiculous. In their defense, some companies have been sued over obvious…
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How to avoid a BUI (Boating Under the Influence) personal injury accident

Boat washed up on shore after boating accident

Here’s the idyllic yet potentially deadly scenario: It’s warm, it’s summer, you’re out on the water in a boat with friends enjoying the sun with a few brewskies. You don’t see the boat in front of you. Two young people…
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Expect increased law enforcement presence for DUI drivers during Fourth of July weekend

Drunk driver driving a car on the 4th of July

During the Fourth of July weekend, you can expect increased law enforcement presence throughout Little Rock and Arkansas. According to the Arkansas State Police, there will be a crackdown on drunk driving involving state, city and county law enforcement officers….
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Do you know what “hazard detection” means when driving and how it affects new and teenage drivers?

Father teaching teenager to drive

Hazard detection is the ability to identify and prioritize hazards. Unfortunately, it is an important physical skill that new and teenage drivers have not yet fully developed. An experienced driver can detect a hazard in a three-second sequence. First second:…
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Funny law firm names: Which law firm would you trust?

Law Offices of Ditcher, Quick & Hyde Divorce Lawyers

Sometimes lawyers get a bad rap when it comes to their profession. Of course, there are scoundrels in every profession, but the abundance of law jokes out there shows the legal community isn’t always trusted. To those of you who…
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What are the causes of teenage accidents and how to prevent them

Teenager deciding to text or to drive

Motor vehicle crashes, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), remain the leading cause of death for adolescents. In 2013, 963,000 teen drivers nationally were in car accidents, resulting in 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths. The first six months…
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The law is blind and sometimes goofy: Strange, odd weird and quirky laws

Lady Justice peeking through her blindfold

I thought I’d bring a little more cheer with TGIF. There are a lot of very strange laws on the books throughout the U.S. I have not personally verified all the laws below, but have collected them from sources I…
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What are your legal rights in a slip and fall accident?

Man tripping over warning sign to prevent slipping in a pool of water

Some of the personal injuries my clients have sustained were the result of a slip and fall accident. In this article, I will describe what constitutes a slip and fall accident and what your legal rights are. What constitutes a…
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What you should know about sovereign immunity if you sustain a personal injury from a government entity or employee

A royal crown and sceptre

In a recent article, I wrote about whom you go after if your child is hurt in a school bus accident. I stated that there were some very complex and specific laws regarding whether someone could sue a school district…
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