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Impaired driving and medical marijuana

Round label saying Medical Marijuana 100% Natural with marijuana leaf centered

With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Arkansas and its recreational okayed in other states, the question arises about impaired driving and cannabis use. Many marijuana patients wonder how or if they can avoid a DUI after using medical…
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Purchasing a salvage car has its risks

Auto salvage yard with flattened cars piled on top of one another

Although some salvage cars are a wonderful bargain, there are those that have hidden dangers. Purchasing a salvage car has its risks. In a car accident on March 3 in Las Vegas Nevada, a young woman driving a 2002 Honda…
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Who pays after a driverless car accident?


With self-driving cars getting the proper kudos they deserve (mostly), it seems that the driverless cars are here to stay after they prove themselves more reliable. However, there have been a few crashes, some caused by self-driving cars and some…
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Do you know how to drive in a roundabout?

Mini roundabout sign telling drivers to yield to the right

With the new roundabout, aka traffic circle, on Fair Park Boulevard and Zoo Drive in Little Rock, some people have expressed confusion as to who yields to whom. I thought I’d address that question so that everyone can feel confident…
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Checking the safety of big rigs and their drivers

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Logo with truck and bus

Trucking accidents may be some of the worst vehicle accidents that can occur. Because of their size and weight, the damage they can do in a crash can be devastating. To protect the public, trucking companies are required to have…
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Ram pickups with fatal flaw recalled by Fiat Chrysler

Black Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab

Fiat Chrysler recently announced that they recalled over one million Ram pickups to repair faulty software that can disable safety equipment. One fatal accident has been reported due to the problem. What’s causing Ram pickup software to fail? According to…
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