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Takata bankruptcy may negatively affect air bag victims


Takata, the Japanese maker of dangerously defective airbags, recently filed for bankruptcy in Japan and the U.S. because they are over $10 billion in debt. If approved, it will sell off its assets to Key Safety Systems, their main rival,…
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Can a trucker’s GPS cause a truck accident?


I often write about safety and truck accidents because trucking accidents are particularly dangerous given their size, weight and power. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, thousands of people are killed or injured in big rig accidents every year….
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Lower your premiums with discounts from your auto insurance company

Man breaking into car using screwdriver in door handle

This article will address ways that you may be able to lower your premiums with discounts from your automobile insurance company. With a bit of research and discussing it with your car insurance agent, you may be able to walk…
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How would you feel if Congress practically grants immunity for medical malpractice?

black typed words on white paper with words medical malpractice in bold

How would you feel if Congress passed a law that basically grants immunity to a doctor or a medical facility for medical malpractice? Such a law has been proposed by Representative Steve King of Iowa, H.R. 1215. It would practically…
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Tiger Woods’ arrest highlights dangers of driving on prescription meds

A woman sitting behind the wheel of a car taking medication from a prescription bottle

Although one can feel badly for Tiger Woods’ impaired driving arrest on Memorial Day, the incident highlights a very important issue – the dangers of driving while taking prescription medications. It can be as deadly as drunk driving, endangering everyone…
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8 tips to lower your automobile insurance premium

Little red car parked on white auto insurance policy and three 20 dollar bills

With all the bills we have to pay, our automobile insurance may represent a bit of a chunk out of our budget. Here are 8 ways to lower your automobile insurance so that you can save your money or use…
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Homegrown Arkansas state trooper a real hero

Cpl. Roy Moomey receiving Trooper of the Year Award for 2016 from Arkansas officials

It’s not every day you get to decide whether to put your life in danger to save another. Some say it is an instinct; others say it can be a conscious choice. Whatever the source of this ultimate selflessness, Arkansas…
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How to prevent dog bites in Arkansas

Aggressive German Shepherd dog on leash pulling and growling ready to bite with mouth open

We are a country who loves our canine best friends, but in 2015 there were 34 dog bite-related fatalities nationwide…not injuries…fatalities. What can we do about it? This article will deal with precisely that question. More dog bite statistics Annual…
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Apple hit with class action suit to add lock-out system to prevent texting and driving

Photo of iPhone and Applie logo

A new and legally interesting class action lawsuit was filed against tech giant Apple recently in California. It alleges that Apple is putting profits before safety by not having already installed a lock-out system for people who are texting and…
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More than 25,000 car seats recalled by Graco

Child in a pink car seat in the back of a car

Unfortunately, baby products aren’t always safe. Recently, Graco recalled more than 25,000 My Ride 65 car seats that may not adequately restrain children in a car crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced that the webbing in the…
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