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Truckers react to in-cab cameras as many trucking companies try out pilot programs


In recent years, technology has affected the manufacture and safety features in both cars and big trucks. Both types of vehicles are currently undergoing autonomous driving test programs. One of the latest pilot programs that may affect truckers is the…
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Who is liable in an accident caused by the driver of a rental car?


When you rent a car, the rental agent always asks if you have car insurance, and if you do, then you don’t have to purchase their insurance. You would think that if you caused a car crash when you were…
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Good news for overall road safety with new 2017 trucker regulations

Photo of tandem trailer on road

Good news is, well, good news. The good news for 2017 is that with new trucking regulations, the safety and security of federal highway users will improve. The new regulations promise a combination of administrative and road safety progress. New…
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Older drivers present emotional and legal decisions for family


It’s well known that people are living longer than they used to, and that the baby boomers are one of the most active senior generations that has ever existed. I’m one of them. How do I feel about driving? I…
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Arkansas legislators tackle texting and driving with two bills

Road sign saying Distracted Driving in Effect

I’ve written many articles about the dangers of texting and driving. Even though it is illegal in Arkansas, people still succumb to this terrible driving behavior causing injury and death. Now the Arkansas legislature is ramping up the ante with…
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If your teen gets a DUI, this is how your car insurance may be affected


Nerves of steel are required when it comes to your teen driving, but even if you are fortunate to have them, there is no way you can’t be worried when your teen is out driving. Imagine if you had to…
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Who pays when you lend your vehicle to someone who then gets into a car wreck?


The old adage that says “no good deed goes unpunished” is certainly appropriate when you lend your vehicle to someone who then gets into a car wreck. Whose insurance pays for what? Well, it depends. Who pays when someone else…
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What factors can increase your car insurance premiums


If you drive a car in Arkansas, you are required to carry minimum automobile insurance coverage. Although different insurance premiums differ, even for basic coverage, there are a few factors that you should be aware of concerning possible reasons for…
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Would you buy a driverless car? Part 1: The pros

Self-driving Toyota Prius navigating a test course

Industry predictions say that there will be 10 million self-driving vehicles on the road by 2020. Even now, companies like Google, Mercedes, BMW and Tesla have already or will soon release self-driving features giving the vehicle some autonomous functions. To…
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