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Motorcycles and personal injury cases

Motorcyle and auto accident

Motorcycles are the perfect ride for those seeking the freedom it gives, experiencing a ride without doors and windows, and for those looking for a more fuel-efficient mode of transportation. Statistics shows that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to…
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8 interesting law enforcement facts

Lambourghini Italian Police Car

Recently, I was researching the Internet for some legal precedents for a case I am working on when I happened to come across an article about some interesting law enforcement facts. I thought I’d share some of them with you….
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What are Arkansas’ auto insurance requirements?

Insured checklist yes or no

Every state in the union has laws relating to automobile insurance, but those laws vary from state to state. This article is to specify what the auto insurance requirements are for Arkansas. Liability Insurance If you own a car in…
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How to avoid parking lot accidents

Man hits car in parking lot

How to avoid parking lot accidents may not seem like a terribly important topic, but trust me, it is. There are driving hazards in a parking lot that are not present driving down a roadway. When you’re driving down a…
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