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The five most common causes of car accidents

Man expression road rage in car

I am a Little Rock personal injury lawyer and almost all of the cases that we handle in my law firm deal with people who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents. Most automobile accidents are avoidable. Being a thoughtful,…
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What is a “Wrongful Death” Claim?

Highway marker cross showing someone died at or near that spot

It’s always very difficult when a loved one dies. Sometimes there are just no words to describe the feelings of loss. A loss is made even more tragic when the person’s life is cut short due to someone else’s negligence…
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How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Man on bicycle riding in traffic

by Peter Miller I had a bit of a scare recently, when out of nowhere, a guy on a bicycle was right in front of me as I started to make a turn. I didn’t see him. I had looked…
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Chiropractors: The Good, the Bad and the Very Bad

Squid trying to get chiropractic care

You are in an auto accident. Someone comes to your door. He tells you that he knows that you’ve been in an accident and he’d like to provide free chiropractic care. Maybe he describes himself as an “injury consultant” or…
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