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Senior citizens driver safety

Older man driving an RV

Driving helps keep older adults mobile and independent. As our elderly population continues to grow, it is very important that senior citizens understand the need for driver safety. Fortunately, there are steps that they can take to stay safer on…
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Does signing a waiver of liability at a gym mean you can’t make a personal injury claim?

Woman sitting on bench press at gym with hurt knee

Many of us join gyms and physical fitness centers as part of a healthy lifestyle choice. What happens, however, if you get injured at a gym and it was due to the negligence of the facility but you signed a…
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When to replace a car seat after a crash and a used car seat safety checklist

Sleeping baby in car seat

I recently wrote an article entitled, “Are you using the right car seat for your child?” The topic of safety and children’s car seats is very important, so in this article I will address when to replace a car seat…
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Are you using the right car seat for your child?

Little girl in front-facing car seat sticking out her tongue

NOTE: Once again I have been reminded how effective car seats are.  We are currently handling a motor vehicle case in which the driver was very badly injured. There was an infant in the back seat in a child car…
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Why it is very important not to settle a personal injury claim without legal advice

Doctor in OR bandaging man's leg post-surgery

I recently met with a fireman (let’s call him Jim) who was involved in an automobile accident, which wasn’t his fault, and he injured his knee. He saw his family doctor but she didn’t think it was going to a…
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Automatic emergency braking systems soon to be installed in 99% of cars sold in U.S.

Infographic on how automatic emergency braking systems work

In a few years, automatic (also called “autonomous”) emergency braking systems (AEB) are going to start showing up in many new cars. It is the latest technological product to make driving safer. It’s development is very interesting. In 2015, the…
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Tips on finding a good tractor-trailer accident attorney

Wreck with tractor-trailer and two cars

Despite all the regulations governing the commercial trucking industry, it is an unfortunate reality that over 4000 people are killed in tractor-trailer accidents every year. That amounts to approximately 1 in 10 people killed on the road because of big…
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Please, please, please use your turn signals!

Black turn signal lever on car steering wheel

A pet peeve of mine when driving is that so many people fail to use their turn signals to indicate whether they are going to make a right or left turn, or change lanes. It’s not a difficult thing to…
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It’s back to school time: how to avoid school-related injuries

Student standing above arrow that says back to school

It seems unbelievable that kids are already going back to school. The summer break is over, much to the relief of some parents. That said, I thought now would be a good time to discuss some back to school safety…
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Risking your life and others for a single text

Road signs warning of the danger of texting and driving against a blue sky background

For those that read my articles on a regular basis, you know that one of my major concerns is texting and driving. It not only risks the driver’s life, but those in the car and others on the road. It…
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