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Automatic emergency braking systems soon to be installed in 99% of cars sold in U.S.

Infographic on how automatic emergency braking systems work

In a few years, automatic (also called “autonomous”) emergency braking systems (AEB) are going to start showing up in many new cars. It is the latest technological product to make driving safer. It’s development is very interesting. In 2015, the…
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Tips on finding a good tractor-trailer accident attorney

Wreck with tractor-trailer and two cars

Despite all the regulations governing the commercial trucking industry, it is an unfortunate reality that over 4000 people are killed in tractor-trailer accidents every year. That amounts to approximately 1 in 10 people killed on the road because of big…
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Please, please, please use your turn signals!

Black turn signal lever on car steering wheel

A pet peeve of mine when driving is that so many people fail to use their turn signals to indicate whether they are going to make a right or left turn, or change lanes. It’s not a difficult thing to…
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Risking your life and others for a single text

Road signs warning of the danger of texting and driving against a blue sky background

For those that read my articles on a regular basis, you know that one of my major concerns is texting and driving. It not only risks the driver’s life, but those in the car and others on the road. It…
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What to do when confronted by an aggressive driver

Man waving fist at another car showing road rage

We have all been a victim of an aggressive driver, and some of us have been the aggressive driver. In this article I will discuss different forms of aggressive driving, what to do when confronted by an aggressive driver, and…
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Why do people text and drive even though they know it’s dangerous?

A skeleton behind the wheel of an car, distracted by cell phone he his holding in his hand

A friend of mine is very upset because her daughter texts while driving, even when her children are in the car. The daughter is highly intelligent, educated, and a loving mother. How then, is it possible that she would imperil…
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Why back-seat passengers should wear rear seat belts

Back passenger car seats with seat belts

There is a myth among many that being a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle is safer than being a passenger in the front passenger seat(s). As a result, many people do not wear their seat belts when…
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Accident fatalities in Arkansas rise 11% in first half of 2016

Memorial flowers posted on lightpost on busy roadway

Accident fatalities in Arkansas rise 11% in first half of 2016 It is with dismay that I read a recent report on the state’s motor vehicle crash fatalities for the first six months of 2016. The stats show that the…
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Understanding umbrella policies

Insurance protection concept with a black umbrella covering and protecting from a dark dangerous thunder rain storm with lightning and under is a peaceful safe summer landscape with green grass and a blue sky

Some people worry that they don’t have enough insurance coverage, so I thought I’d write about what umbrella policies are, to give you and understanding of what they do. Also called “Personal Umbrella Policies”, or “PUPs”, the coverage provides additional…
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Personal injury accidents rising due to Pokémon Go craze

Man holding viewing screen of Pokémon Go game in traffic

The first time I heard about Pokémon Go, I knew it was setting up a scenario for disasters to occur. My reaction was, “Geez, another way people are going to get hurt or killed.” Unfortunately, I was right. There have…
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