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Lower your premiums with discounts from your auto insurance company

Man breaking into car using screwdriver in door handle

This article will address ways that you may be able to lower your premiums with discounts from your automobile insurance company. With a bit of research and discussing it with your car insurance agent, you may be able to walk…
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8 tips to lower your automobile insurance premium

Little red car parked on white auto insurance policy and three 20 dollar bills

With all the bills we have to pay, our automobile insurance may represent a bit of a chunk out of our budget. Here are 8 ways to lower your automobile insurance so that you can save your money or use…
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Do you understand your car insurance policy?


I have to admit that, long ago before I entered law school at the ripe old age of 40, I never really bothered to read through my car insurance policy. It was only after I started really getting into the…
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If your teen gets a DUI, this is how your car insurance may be affected


Nerves of steel are required when it comes to your teen driving, but even if you are fortunate to have them, there is no way you can’t be worried when your teen is out driving. Imagine if you had to…
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What factors can increase your car insurance premiums


If you drive a car in Arkansas, you are required to carry minimum automobile insurance coverage. Although different insurance premiums differ, even for basic coverage, there are a few factors that you should be aware of concerning possible reasons for…
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What are Arkansas’ auto insurance requirements?

Insured checklist yes or no

Every state in the union has laws relating to automobile insurance, but those laws vary from state to state. This article is to specify what the auto insurance requirements are for Arkansas. Liability Insurance If you own a car in…
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