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Google seeking Phoenix families to test their Waymo self-driving cars

Waymo's Customized Chrysler Pacifica Self Driving Car

Recently, I was surfing through some local TV channels and stopped for a few minutes on “The King of Queens,” an old sit-com starring Kevin James as UPS driver Doug Heffeman. His future father-in-law is complaining that the job wasn’t…
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Would you buy a driverless car? Part 1: The pros

Self-driving Toyota Prius navigating a test course

Industry predictions say that there will be 10 million self-driving vehicles on the road by 2020. Even now, companies like Google, Mercedes, BMW and Tesla have already or will soon release self-driving features giving the vehicle some autonomous functions. To…
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First it was black and white television and now driverless cars!

A man in a autonomous driving test vehicle

I remember being a kid growing up in New York and getting our first television. It was a big piece of furniture with an itty bitty screen. We all marveled at the TV and my grandmother practically fainted when she…
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