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Would you buy a driverless car? Part 1: The pros

Self-driving Toyota Prius navigating a test course

Industry predictions say that there will be 10 million self-driving vehicles on the road by 2020. Even now, companies like Google, Mercedes, BMW and Tesla have already or will soon release self-driving features giving the vehicle some autonomous functions. To…
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Would you buy a driverless car? Part 2: The cons


In my previous article, “Would you buy a driverless car? Part 1: The Pros,” I discussed the touted benefits of self-driving cars. However, not everyone is excited about these vehicles. There is a con side, which I am presenting here….
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Disturbing report cites spike in deadly teen crashes


Federal regulators recently released a report revealing a 10 percent spike 2015 in teen driving fatalities. This is the first time in almost 10 years that deadly car crashes, with teen drivers at the wheel, has increased. Unfortunately, teens are…
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How safely do you drive in work zones?


It sometimes makes me cringe when I’m approaching a work zone and see some driving behaviors that are really dangerous to those in other vehicles, and to the crews working on the site. Construction on Arkansas roads and highways is…
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Be a safer driver in 2017, please!


Arkansas State Police 2016 Fatal Crash Summary December 543 12/31/2016 WEST BROADWAY AVENUE 544 12/30/2016 INTERSTATE 40 WEST AT 235 MILE MARKER 541 12/29/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 11 339 12/28/2016 U.S 65S / U.S. 62E 537/538 12/27/2016 STATE HIGHWAY 367 540…
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