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The danger of cars that are too quiet


With the tremendous ecological advantages that come with hybrid and electric cards, a very serious danger exists – they are too quiet. These cars don’t have a combustion engine and when driven at low speeds don’t make very much noise….
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Keep your mind and car uncluttered for a safe ride


Do you or a passenger have trouble getting into your car because of all the empty water bottles, soda cans, general rubbish, newspapers, attaché case, mobile devices, laptop, clothes, golf clubs, or other paraphernalia strewn about? This is not your…
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Company gives BMWs a real transformer make-over

A red car transformed into a transformer

Tired of driving the same old car every day? Well now a Turkish startup company Letvision has created a real make-over that transforms a car into, um, a transformer, very similar to those in Michael Bay’s movies. It took eight…
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How to safely drive in the rain


We can certainly all agree that we’ve had our share of rain recently, which makes me want to write about how to safely drive in the rain. Driving on a rainy day is more dangerous than driving on a snowy…
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