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Staged car accidents: Part 2

Diagram showing stage accident called the sideswipe

In my previous article on “Staged car accidents”, I informed my readers of this type of criminal activity. In this article, I will discuss the five most common methods used to stage a car accident, and how an insurance fraud…
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Staged car accidents: Part 1

The word 'fraud' in old ink-stained wood type

Beware of staged car accidents! It’s bad enough being involved in a car accident. It’s made even worse when you can’t understand how it even happened! That’s the frequent response from someone who has been the victim of a staged…
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Four less frequent types of personal injury accidents

An injured man with a cast on left leg on the beach

Most of you know that you may be able to receive compensation, if you were injured on the road or at work. However, there are other types of personal injury accidents that occur less frequently, but nonetheless, may be worthy…
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Please don’t call me if you get a paper cut

Bleeding from a cut finger isolated on white background

There are a lot of misconceptions about personal injury law. One is that a lawyer can get you money for just about any injury you’ve suffered. This is absolutely untrue. In order for a personal injury lawyer to be able…
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Emotional stress felt by many victims of personal injury accidents

Woman in bed unable to sleep

If you’ve never been in an accident, it may be hard for you to understand how it may feel to those who have experienced it. The emotional distress felt by many victims of personal injury is very, very real. Here…
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Toyota Adds 1.6 Million Vehicles to Takata Air Bag Recall

A broken windshield in an accident with deployed car airbag

Toyota Motor Corp. has added nearly 1.6 million vehicles in the U.S. to replace potentially faulty front passenger air bag inflators made by Takata Corp. of Japan. The latest recall includes Toyota, Scion and Lexus models from 2006-2011. The Takata recall…
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First it was black and white television and now driverless cars!

A man in a autonomous driving test vehicle

I remember being a kid growing up in New York and getting our first television. It was a big piece of furniture with an itty bitty screen. We all marveled at the TV and my grandmother practically fainted when she…
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