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What are torts and how do they relate to personal injury law?

Green chalkboard with words in white saying Civil Law

Today’s article is a basic lesson in civil law (as opposed to criminal law) relating to torts. “Tort” is a Latin word meaning “wrong” or “injury”. In law, tort is a civil wrong committed by someone or some organization (sometimes…
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What NOT to do if you’re in a car accident!

Two vehicle accident at intersection

I’ve written before about what to do if you are in a car accident. In this article, I’m going to address what NOT to do if you’re in a car crash, so that you can avoid some mistakes that could…
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Testing truckers for drugs and alcohol

Alcohol, pills and car keys isolated on black background

As an attorney with a special interest in trucking accidents in Arkansas, I represent people who have been injured in a big rig crashes due to the truck driver’s negligence. However, most truck drivers are well-trained, and the companies they…
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Top 10 tips to avoid personal injury in a boating accident

A little smiling girl sitting in the back of a motor boat on the water wearing a life vest

Unfortunately, every year personal injuries occur from boating accidents on the beautiful waterways of Arkansas. You can avoid most of these accidents by following common sense precautions and by following Arkansas’ boating regulations. According the “2015 Boating Accident Year-End Report”…
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Safety advocates want vehicle “crash” to replace vehicle “accident”

T-bone car crash

What’s in a name? “Tis but thy name that is my enemy…,” spoketh Shakespeare’s Juliet. So do we want to change the words motor vehicle “accident” to motor vehicle “crash” to make the meaning more definitive, to impress upon people’s…
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How to escape your vehicle when it is submerged in water

Blue car submerged in water in residential neighborhood

Whether you believe in climate change or not, the recent number of flash flood warnings in Arkansas and elsewhere give rise to an important question. Would you know how to escape if your vehicle becomes submerged in water? According to…
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Too many fatal car accidents in Arkansas

Cemetery in winter-time: frost-covered trees, tombstones, flowers and wreaths in front of a misty, hazy background create a gloomy, melancholy atmosphere.

People die every day, but even though death is a fact of life, people suffer and deeply mourn those that are lost. Dealing with death is even harder (if that’s possible) when the death was caused by the carelessness or…
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