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New AAA guide helps motorists go green

Rust-colored car with words AAA Green Car Guide 2017

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is helping motorists go green. They publish an annual Green Car Guide and they publicize initiatives on recycling lead-acid car batteries. The guide reports on fuel-efficient vehicles, the latest features to consider while car shopping,…
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Hydroplaning can cause serious car crashes

Chart of what to do if you hydroplane

A 19-year-old teenage passenger from Prairie Grove was killed recently when the truck he was riding in, hydroplaned on a wet highway and rolled into a ditch. The road conditions were wet at the time of the fatal accident. With…
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Safe driving suggestions for older drivers

Older man standing in front of cars_01

The baby boomer generation is living better and living longer. This means that there are more senior drivers on the road than ever before. Here are a few safe driving suggestions that all of older drivers should pay attention to….
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Kids are back in school so be sure to slow down

Sign saying slow down in school zones with yellow and black safety sign

Kids are back in school this week, so the roads are congested once again. School buses picking up their passengers, parents dropping their kids off at school, children riding their bikes to school — all add to the busy traffic….
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