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Does driving on marijuana cause car accidents?

Marijuana plant and highway

Several states have legalized the use of marijuana for both medicinal use and recreational purposes. Other states have liberalized the laws concerning possession and use of the drug. One aspect of these changes that I think about as a personal…
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The dangers of rubbernecking and gawking

Rubbernecking sign

We are all guilty of it: rubbernecking and gawking. What exactly compels us to rubberneck is a complex matter of psychology and physiology. Whatever the causes, rubbernecking is decidedly dangerous. Rubbernecks become momentarily blind One of the reasons it is…
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What you should know about daycare facility negligence

Little girl playing with toys

When you drop off your child at daycare, you have every reason to feel confident that your child will be in good hands. Sometimes, however, a child does get hurt, even at the best of daycare centers. These injuries can…
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Kentucky Judge’s humorous down-home Order livens up the bench

Judge looking annoyed

I don’t think that anyone would argue that there are times when the law can be pretty darn dry. Legal documents are some of the driest examples, where numbered statutes are cited and a jumble of legalese is used to…
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NFL football home games cause increase in car accident insurance claims

Fan at a football game

With football season fast approaching, I thought it might be interesting to research how football games affect the rate of motor vehicle accidents. In December of 2014, the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) conducted research to evaluate the relationship between…
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