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Who is liable in Uber ridesharing accidents?

Uber driver in car showing smart phone smiling happily

Uber ridesharing has reached the shores of Little Rock, despite the anger and controversy surrounding its initial appearance by local taxi companies. Many customers extol Uber’s virtues, while others like to stay with the tried-and-true taxi cab services that have…
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True or False: Arkansas Personal Injury Quiz

Stick drawing showing two divergent roads saying true or false

There are a lot of misconceptions many people may have about personal injury law in Arkansas, so I’ve devised a little “True or False” quiz to help dispel them. Here goes. I was in a car accident and received injuries…
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An explanation of “bad faith” insurance

Red pencil and insurance policy document wording

In a recent article, I wrote about Walmart  suing their own insurance company for “bad faith”, in connection with the accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan. Bad faith insurance is an important concept to understand when dealing with insurance companies, so…
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