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Safety tips on how to keep pedestrians from harm

neighborhood street with cars and pedestrian crossway

I’ve written before about how drivers and pedestrians are both responsible for safety on our streets. The top causes of pedestrian accidents caused by drivers and pedestrians are alcohol, and distraction. Add speeding and inexperienced drivers and you have all…
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Drivers and pedestrians both responsible for safety

Protected pedestrian walkway with people on bicycles and people walking across the street

Pedestrian accidents are up. Each year approximately 4,800 pedestrians are killed – that’s one pedestrian killed every two hours in the U.S. While the injuries and fatalities affect all ages and both genders, the average age of a pedestrian killed…
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Pedestrian safety tips

Mother and son waiting to cross road at a crosswalk

A while back, I wrote an article on liability in a pedestrian accident, but in this article I’d like to focus more on pedestrian safety tips. In 2013, there were 45 fatal pedestrian accidents in Arkansas, certainly not as many…
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