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Packing an emergency driving kit for your vehicle

Emergency vehicle kit

Whether you’re going on a long trip or just driving in town, it is always a good idea to have an emergency driving kit in your vehicle. Breakdowns and accidents can always happen, so it’s really important to have the…
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Reckless driving can have serious consequences

Police officer holding a radar gun

Being charged with reckless driving, also called “careless driving” or “dangerous driving”, has a number of consequences. This article will define the charge of reckless driving, as well as summarize the possible consequences. What is reckless driving? Although the definition…
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Summer is a time for more teen driver accidents

Teen texting while driving down road with teen passenger

School is out and teens will be driving more. Unfortunately, this means there will likely be more teen driver accidents. According to the National Safety Council, Memorial Day kicks off the summer season, which coincides with the deadliest 100 days…
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The most common causes of head-on collisions and why they are so dangerous

Damage to red and blue car after head-on collission

One of the most potentially catastrophic kinds of motor vehicle accidents is a head-on collision, which can all too frequently result in fatalities. The reasons this type of car crash are so dangerous is because the force of the impact…
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Snapchat’s new update can be extremely dangerous

Snapchat Ghost Mode Logo with white ghost on yellowed background

This article is a bit off-topic for me, having nothing to do with personal injury or car safety. The reason for it though, is because I found the latest Snapchat feature so dangerous, that I wanted to let others know…
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With camping and boating season in full swing, tow correctly to avoid personal injury accidents

An ATV Carrier on a Chevy GMC Silverado Sierra Towing a Camper

For many Arkansans, summer in Arkansas means camping and boating. As people gear up for their trips, a lot will be traveling with a load in tow. Therefore, it becomes very important to know how to tow correctly to avoid…
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Staying safe on Arkansas waterways

Map of lakes and rivers in Arkansas

Arkansas is blessed with numerous and beautiful lakes and rivers and thousands of Arkansans take pleasure in boating on them. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, some of which I will discuss in this article, being safe on Arkansas waterways…
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The dangers of speeding are real and a leading cause of traffic fatalities

police officer aiming radar gun

According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA), for more than two decades speeding has been involved in an estimated one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. The latest statistics available are for 2014, with 9,262 deaths attributed to…
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Drivers and pedestrians both responsible for safety

Protected pedestrian walkway with people on bicycles and people walking across the street

Pedestrian accidents are up. Each year approximately 4,800 pedestrians are killed – that’s one pedestrian killed every two hours in the U.S. While the injuries and fatalities affect all ages and both genders, the average age of a pedestrian killed…
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July 4 is a day of celebrating so drive sober or get pulled over

Worried looking woman driving looking at sign of officer with words drive sober or get pulled over

Nobody likes to be a wet blanket but folks, July 4th is notorious for drunk-driving accidents. It’s a terrible thought to express, but some people going out to celebrate won’t be returning home. Those who have taken it upon themselves to…
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