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Are municipal governments liable for slip and fall injuries on snowy and icy sidewalks?

Polar bear on icy snow

In a previous article, I discussed who might be liable for a slip and fall injury on snowy and icy sidewalks for home/property owners and businesses. In this article, I will address whether local municipalities are liable for such injuries….
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How to handle property damage when involved in a car accident

Photo of totaled car

Dealing with a lot of car accidents and resulting personal injuries in the course of my Little Rock law practice, I get a lot of calls about property damage. Some of them are very easy to answer and others a…
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Is your child being bullied at school?

Boy crying after being bullied

We’ve all heard about bullying in school. It has been going on for eons. Perhaps many of you were bullied when you went to school. I certainly know many people who were. The question today is, “Is your child being…
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Why tire safety is such an important issue in avoiding vehicle accidents

Man checking tire tread

This is the second in a series on tire safety. There’s a lot riding on your tires – you, your family and passengers. Yet when it comes to maintaining tires, we often neglect to do so. Repeated evidence shows that…
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New NTSB report says recall system for defective tires is broken

Worker looking at tires

A recent report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said that the system for recalling defective tires is broken. Their study showed that only 1 in 5 faulty tires are being removed through the safety recall process because the…
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Have you been diagnosed with a herniated disc?

A herniated disc occurs when something causes the center nucleus to push past the outer edge of the disc and back towards the spinal canal. If it presses on nearby nerves, the herniated disc can cause severe pain.

Over the many years of my practice, one of the personal injuries sustained by clients all too often is a herniated disc. Sometimes it is called “a slipped disc” or a “ruptured disc”. In this article, I will explain what…
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Soft tissue injuries: do you know the difference between a sprain and a strain?

Man with back strain

I was reviewing some medical records for two clients the other day. In one instance, the client was diagnosed with a sprained wrist, and the other with a cervical strain. It made me wonder if most people knew the difference…
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NHTSA report reveals 1 out of 5 drivers high while driving

Man driving taking medication

This year a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) revealed that one out of five drivers is high while driving. While this statistic is stunningly disturbing, it is important to understand what types of drugs the drivers…
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8 delayed personal injury symptoms following a car accident

Woman on phone by damaged car

It is very common for people involved in car accidents to experience delayed personal injury symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms don’t appear for 2-3 days following the car wreck. The reason for this has to do with the body instinctively protecting…
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Safety tips to avoid common Halloween accidents

Happy Halloween Greeting

Halloween is just around the corner, with children trick-or-treating everywhere. Halloween festivities also include parties for adults, as well. With all of this excitement brewing, you certainly don’t want it destroyed by any accidents. How to avoid common Halloween accidents…
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