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Slip-and-fall accidents often occur in summer

Water on parking lot after a summer rain storm

With people enjoying the outdoors so much during the summer months, slip-and-fall accidents increase proportionately. With damages from this type of personal injury accident resulting in more than 8 million visits to the emergency annually at a cost of $15…
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Slip and fall accidents at swimming pools and how to prevent them

People playin in clear blue swiming pool with slide in background

In the sweltering days of summer, public and private swimming pools in Arkansas are the preferred escape. However, anyone who spends time at a pool can experience a slip and fall accident, if they fail to recognize certain dangers. In…
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Are municipal governments liable for slip and fall injuries on snowy and icy sidewalks?

Polar bear on icy snow

In a previous article, I discussed who might be liable for a slip and fall injury on snowy and icy sidewalks for home/property owners and businesses. In this article, I will address whether local municipalities are liable for such injuries….
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Is anyone responsible for a slip-and-fall injury on snowy and icy sidewalks?

Man injured slipping on ice

With winter nipping at our heels, snow and ice accumulating on sidewalks is a frequent occurrence. If you slip on a snowy or icy sidewalk and are injured, can anyone be held responsible? The answer is, “it depends.” It depends…
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Top 5 personal injuries that occur can on Black Friday

Crowded Black Friday Sale at Store

One of the most anticipated annual shopping days is right around corner, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers offer sales and deep discounted items for everything from electronics to toys. In the search for bargains, come several common types…
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What are your legal rights in a slip and fall accident?

Man tripping over warning sign to prevent slipping in a pool of water

Some of the personal injuries my clients have sustained were the result of a slip and fall accident. In this article, I will describe what constitutes a slip and fall accident and what your legal rights are. What constitutes a…
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