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Summer is a time for more teen driver accidents

Teen texting while driving down road with teen passenger

School is out and teens will be driving more. Unfortunately, this means there will likely be more teen driver accidents. According to the National Safety Council, Memorial Day kicks off the summer season, which coincides with the deadliest 100 days…
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Five top reasons police officers will pull you over


There are five major infractions that catch the attention of traffic police and why they may pull you over.  Knowing what they are could prevent you from getting a ticket and make you a safer driver, not to mention keeping…
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Cell phone, and texting and driving laws of Arkansas

Man texting and driving with sign saying prepare to meet Jesus

I recently read a post on Facebook from one of my friends who said he was seeing more and more drivers texting and that he wished there was a law forbidding it. I responded that Arkansas does indeed have laws…
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